Your Calling

Every individual has something to give—a unique blend of skills, experience, intuition, ingenuity, and passion that blossoms when a career becomes a calling. Our searches for non-profits, sustainable businesses, and outdoor brands conjure up quite a few callings—one of them might be yours. 

While we’ve listed our most pressing searches here, we’re always interested in connecting with those looking to align their profession with their passions. Contact us here to get the conversation rolling, and peruse our latest job profiles below.

Open Positions

We will be adding more positions shortly.

Backbone Media | Managing Director - Denver

The Managing Director for Backbone Media Denver is a role that has not existed previously. We are searching for a leader who can guide, teach and amplify the efforts of a dedicated group of professionals who hunger for mentorship. You will have established yourself as an expert in paid and earned mediaand will have embraced integrated marketing long ago. You'll understand how to attract, develop and retain extraordinary talent while embracing and then amplifying a bold vision for the office and region. As the Denver office and region becomes more important to the overall growth strategy of Backbone Media, the Managing Director will play the key role in communication with the partners and team in Carbondale. Much like Backbone is the connective tissue for their clients, you will be the connective tissue for the offices and partners alike.

In return you'll have the opportunity to mold and shape the future of the Denver office, and in many ways provide the blueprint for the future growth of Backbone Media.

Mystery Ranch | Fire Program Manager

At its core, Mystery Ranch builds packs for men and women on a mission. Mystery Ranch packs are built for folks with a job to do, heading to extreme locations carrying heavy loads. Their customers are their first priority – whether they're on the front line, the fire line, the sickest line or the cleanest line. The team at Mystery Ranch thinks through every detail to make sure the gear performs as well as the users do and never gets in the way.

Cotopaxi | Vice President of Design

Utilizing business as a force for good is the ultimate goal for Cotopaxi. Davis and his talented team have set out to bring quality product to market through sustainable and fair working conditions in their factories. They turn their profits into a meaningful force for extreme poverty alleviation around the world while also communicating their mission to do good to fans of their brand in innovative and interactive ways. It is important to Cotopaxi that the people who follow their brand and its mission are not only aware of these issues but also have a hand in their solutions.

NEMO Equipment | Director of Product

NEMO has experienced incredible growth as a company due to the strength of its brand, products and reputation and they have no intention of slowing down. The team at NEMO continues to actively live out the belief that intelligently designed gear enables the adventures that make us all our best selves – humans who are conscious, inspired, connected and mindful.

Fjällräven | Vice President of Marketing

The Vice President of Marketing provides strong leadership to the Fjallraven North America marketing team to plan and execute on long lead brand planning and tap into emerging markets for Fjallraven ensuring a strong brand identity in North America consistent with the key values and heritage of the international Fjallraven brand.