Your Calling

Every individual has something to give—a unique blend of skills, experience, intuition, ingenuity, and passion that blossoms when a career becomes a calling. Our searches for non-profits, sustainable businesses, and outdoor brands conjure up quite a few callings—one of them might be yours. 

While we’ve listed our most pressing searches here, we’re always interested in connecting with those looking to align their profession with their passions. Contact us here to get the conversation rolling, and peruse our latest job profiles below.

Open Positions

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Backbone Media | Managing Director - Denver

The Managing Director for Backbone Media Denver is a role that has not existed previously. We are searching for a leader who can guide, teach and amplify the efforts of a dedicated group of professionals who hunger for mentorship. You will have established yourself as an expert in paid and earned mediaand will have embraced integrated marketing long ago. You'll understand how to attract, develop and retain extraordinary talent while embracing and then amplifying a bold vision for the office and region. As the Denver office and region becomes more important to the overall growth strategy of Backbone Media, the Managing Director will play the key role in communication with the partners and team in Carbondale. Much like Backbone is the connective tissue for their clients, you will be the connective tissue for the offices and partners alike.

In return you'll have the opportunity to mold and shape the future of the Denver office, and in many ways provide the blueprint for the future growth of Backbone Media.