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Every individual has something to give—a unique blend of skills, experience, intuition, ingenuity, and passion that blossoms when a career becomes a calling. Our searches for non-profits, sustainable businesses, and outdoor brands conjure up quite a few callings—one of them might be yours. 

While we’ve listed our most pressing searches here, we’re always interested in connecting with those looking to align their profession with their passions. Contact us here to get the conversation rolling, and peruse our latest job profiles below.

Open Positions

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Lifestraw | Head of Retail Sales

LifeStraw has become an industry leader in water filter and purification technology development and product design; working in the international development, emergency response and outdoor/active lifestyle markets. The portfolio of products has expanded to 10 filters and purifiers that meet the needs of many diverse markets and today LifeStraw can be found in more than 64 countries around the world. The next challenge that LifeStraw is tackling head is innovating and building on their experience, providing safe water to people in the most difficult environments, to design products that broaden protection for the North American home.

POC | North American Sales Manager-Wheels

POC is a Swedish brand, built on a strong mission; to do everything they can to possibly save lives and to reduce consequences of accidents, for gravity sports athletes and cyclists, by developing and renewing what personal protection is all about. When developing a product at POC they do it in the spirit of doing the best, never compromising in choosing materials or construction and never compromising safety, quality or performance. The end result is a line of lightweight, high performance gear that offers the ultimate protection against injury thanks to superior impact absorption and penetration resistance.

NEMO Equipment | Marketing Content Manager

In NEMO’s 15 years, it has been awarded many of the most prestigious design awards in the outdoor industry and has established brand recognition around the world. But despite the success of the brand, the team still has the spirit of a start-up, with a fully collaborative, highly creative, radically innovative approach to marketing that resembles a hungry, young company more than a well-established corporation. Working within this exciting environment that is informed by design thinking and relentless experimentation, this role will be expected to operate nimbly and take a similar approach to leading the content strategy, production and dissemination. Having a deep understanding of marketing theory, strategy and best practices should be balanced by the willingness and ability to see past the “rules” and work outside of any pre-conceived boxes to achieve exceptional results.

Osprey | Vice President of Operations

Things at Osprey move full circle, starting with the people, resulting in the product and then back to the people for the lifetime of the product. Osprey is a company comprised of unique personalities, talents and passions. The thread that ties the Osprey team together is their love for the outdoors and passion for making the best custom fit packs on the planet.

The Mountain | VP of Creative

The Mountain's core values are intricately woven into every fiber of their company; everything from their green manufacturing processes, to the energy-efficient way they light their buildings, is designed to reflect their commitment to the core tenets that have served as the pillars of the company since the beginning.

Since day one, The Mountain has been committed to creating Artwear using sustainable manufacturing processes. They strive to operate their production facilities with a “leave no trace” attitude. This means that, after finishing dyeing and printing their graphic t-shirts, they want to ensure that there is no negative impact on their local and global environment. You could even say that being green is simply in their company’s DNA.

NEMO Equipment | Business Applications Manager/Developer

The team at NEMO is in love with the outdoors and seeks to inspire engagement with outdoor adventure through thoughtful design. They believe great product is part of the equation of enjoying adventure and stands to have a big effect on the experience of being outdoors. They are conscious of how much product there already is in the world and feel a responsibility to make only product that is unique, offers superior features, and is built to last.