Our Team

Adam Forest

For Adam, executive search isn’t a job—it’s a way of life. With company headquarters literally in his backyard, Adam has guided companies to indispensable, handpicked hires for over 20 years. Along the way, he’s appointed himself an unofficial gear tester (backpacking the West, kayaking the Grand Canyon, and bareboat sailing in Tahiti in the process), volunteered for four outdoors-minded boards, and is trying to perfect the art of organic gardening. All of which seems pretty easy compared to his latest challenge and greatest passion to date: raising young son Jacob Buster.

Adrienne Graf

With a bachelor’s degree in anthropology, Adrienne can’t help but see companies and organizations as cultures, each with their own beliefs, customs, rites, and rituals. Applying her ethnographic lens and analytical mind to searches, she uncovers each tribe’s deepest needs, and in turn, their missing kin. Speaking of kin, Adrienne recently added baby Jake to her family, finding a new partner for her perennial outdoor adventures. Together, they’ve camped, hiked, biked, sailed, swum in lakes and even encountered bears—all before his first birthday.

Deb Mason

After immersing herself in local food sustainability projects, Deb realized that a common shared interest is the thread that binds and moves a community endeavor forward. This also translates well into finding the missing link that helps a company to thrive. When she’s not volunteering in her community, she’s hiking the local trails, tending to her garden, catching a live music show or heading out on the river in whatever floating device seems best for the day’s adventure.

Denise Karapinar

Denise is an animal lover, competitive trail runner, seasoned whitewater swimmer, artist, and lapidary enthusiast. She is fiercely passionate about protecting our natural spaces, and all the critters that inhabit them. She also loves learning and getting to know new people and their stories. With a mixture of critical thinking, creativity, and compassion, she is a great addition to our team.